Lizzie lizard loves florals (2016-2017)

*Lizzie fluffs in hydrangeas Lazy lizzie in lily Advertisements

Fairy tales (2016-2017)

*Steam punk Alice in Wonderland *Little mermaid in Asia *Black swan *Peter’s in love *Froggy prince

Anthrophomism (2016-2017)

*Lalalala – lav you!  My son wanted me to paint a crocodile playing the piano while singing. *Playing Mantis – inspired by the recently widowed cello player Zoe Keating  *Foxy Fashionista *Oh dearie! … Continue reading

World on my back (Series #1)

World on my back WOMB series #1 *Poppy the turtle *Snail Male *Aint crabby with florals *Naughty Luz *Ellie loves flowers floral turtle

Beauty and the pest (series #1)

Beauty and the pest series BAP#1 *Cattowpillow *Horny Bill *Roses are red, beetle is green *Roses are red, beetle is blue

Landscape and botanicals (2016-2017)

*Baguio dusk This is a painting of my son running in the Bell house garden in Baguio *Tulip Fridays